River Rock

Large and small river rock in Newton, KS

River rock is a natural stone commonly used to enhance landscaping, gardens and outdoor spaces. It is perfect for drainage applications, replacing mulch in flowerbeds, and to create unique dry creek beds.

Looking for river rock in Wichita, KS? Come see our huge selection of natural stone in Newton. We Deliver!

Newton Rock & Mulch carries a huge selection of various types of river rock (also known as egg rock) including Kansas Rock, Colorado Rock, White Marble, Ozark and more. We provide river rock by the pound, by the ton, and in custom quantities. Contact us today for your custom needs. Have questions? We’re here to help. See our coverage guide below to see how much river rock you need for your upcoming project.

River Rock Coverage Guide

  • 1 Ton of River Rock will cover 60sq ft @ 4″ Deep
  • 1 Ton of River Rock will cover 80sq ft @ 3″ Deep
  • 1 Ton of River Rock will cover 120sq ft @ 2″ Deep
  • 1 Ton of River Rock will cover 240sq ft @ 1″ Deep

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river rock
See our river rock galleries below

Kansas Large River Rock


A larger rock than the smaller version, Kansas Small Rock. This beautiful river rock makes an excellent addition to beautify gardens. One ton will cover 80sqft at a 3″ depth.

Now’s the great time to improve gardens and landscaping, or replace old mulch!

Kansas Small Rock


Similar to the Colorado rock with a tannish over tint. If your space requires you to occasionally walk on it, this might be a good choice. We recommend a 2” thick coverage which equals 120sqft/ton.

Colorado Rock


Beautiful multicolor rock form Colorado. Vibrant blues, grays, pinks and speckled whites. The Colorado rock is a favorite amongst customers. We recommend about a 2 ½” thick coverage which equals 100sqft/ton.

Colorado Rock


Colorado Rock


Colorado Rock


White Marble Rock


Predominantly a bright white rock. The pictures don’t do this rock justice. Great size for most projects. We recommend a 3″ thick coverage which equals 80sqft/ton.

Black Obsidian Rock


Crushed black obsidian rock from Southern Colorado. If you are looking for an inexpensive black rock, this is it. We recommend a 3″ thick coverage which equals 80sqft/ton.

Ozark Rock


Ozark 3-6”


Trap Rock ¾”

$135/ Ton

Expanded Shale 3/8”


Red Granite 1 ½”


Ozark Creek Pebbles


Small Pea Gravel


Salt & Pepper


Salt & Pepper


Salt & Pepper

$.20/lb or $285/ton

Mesa Grey


Mesa Gray Cobble Rock


Wolf Creek


Grape Fruit Creek Rock

$.20/lb or $270/ton

Mexican Beach Pebbles 2″-3″

$.40/lb or $650/ton

Rocky Mountain Flats

$.30/lb or $445/ton

Rocky Mountain Flats

$.30/lb or $445/ton

Alabama Sunrise


Slate Chips – Large


Missouri Rainbow 2-3″


Granite Screenings


Black Granite 1 1/2″


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