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Flagstone is a beautiful natural stone used in a variety of landscape projects including patios, walking paths, waterfalls, ponds, gardens, stairs and more.

Looking for flagstone in Wichita, KS? Come see our huge selection in Newton. Delivery available on all orders!

Newton Rock & Mulch offers a huge selection of flagstone sizes and colors. Our flagstone ranges in size from 1.25″ thick up to 2.5″ thick and comes in a variety of color options: multiblend, rustic, blue/gray and peach. We carry flagstone patio pavers, slabs, treads and recs/squares. We offer flagstone by the pound, by the ton, by the pallet, and in custom quantities. Contact us today for your custom needs! See our flagstone coverage guide below to know how much you’ll need for your upcoming project.

Flagstone Coverage Guide

  • Flagstone at 2″ thick: 80 sq. ft. (per ton)
  • Flagstone at 1.50″ thick: 100 sq. ft. (per ton)

Delivery Available On All Orders!

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Flagstone Multiblend 1.25in patio pavers
See our flagstone galleries below!
Rustic Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio

  • 1.50″ thickness = $.21/lb or $360/per ton
  • 2″ thickness = $.19/lb or $320/per ton

See our flagstone gallery below to see all the color variety we carry.

Now’s the best time to create a new flagstone patio, walkway or entertainment space!

Pictured: Rustic color

Flagstone Slabs

  • 1″ to 1.5″ thickness = $.23/lb or $410/per ton
  • 2″ to 2.5″ thickness = $.22/lb or $395/per ton

Pictured: Multiblend color

See additional slab colors below.

flagstone Multiblend 2in Slab
flagstone Treads

Flagstone Treads

3′ or 4′ length X 18″ deep by avg 6″ thick

  • $.19/lb or $380/per ton

Pictured: Multiblend color

View more flagstone tread colors below.

Flagstone Recs & Squares

  • 2″ thickness = $.22/lb or $380/per ton
  • Available in a variety of square and rectangular sizes providing a unique look for patios

Pictured: Blue/gray

See additional recs/square color options below.

Blue grey flagstone squares

Flagstone Beams

  • $240/per ton

Photo coming soon

Multiblend Flagstone Gallery

Blue/Gray Flagstone Gallery

Peach Flagstone Gallery

Rustic Flagstone Gallery

The rustic color is also commonly referred to as blue/brown flagstone.