Large and small landscape boulders in Newton, KS

Boulders make an instant impact to any landscape or garden. Small and large landscaping boulders are commonly used for waterfalls, ponds and other outdoor spaces.

Looking for boulders in Wichita, KS? Come see our massive selection in Newton. We deliver!

Newton Rock & Mulch stocks a big variety of landscape boulders including moss boulders (small and large), Colorado Rainbow boulders, Holey boulders, Glacier boulders and more. We provide boulders by the pound, by the ton, and in custom quantities. Contact us today for your customer needs. Have questions? We’re here to help.

Delivery Available On All Orders!

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See our selection of boulders below
Moss Boulder Small

Moss Boulders Small

$.18/lb or $295/ton

Moss Boulders
Large & XL

$.18/lb or $295/ton

Moss Boulders Large
Colorado rainbow boulders

Colorado Rainbow Boulders

  • Large: $.22/lb or $380/ton

Holey Boulders

$.24/lb or $425/ton

Holey Boulders
Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders

$.20/lb or $340/ton

Lava Boulders Red Small

$.28/lb or $500/ton

Lava red boulders
Glacier Boulders

Glacier Boulders

$.22/lb or $380/ton

Western Sunset Boulders

$.28/lb or $495/ton

Western Sunset Boulder
Teton marble Boulders

Teton Marble Boulders

$.25/lb or $435/ton

Royal Gorge Boulders
Pink or Black

$.25/lb or $435/ton

Royal Gorge Boulder Pink